As 2018 quickly approaches, I am so excited to share with you some of the upcoming trends you’ll likely be seeing this coming year.

Move over lace and ruffles, the classic bride is back! Brides are looking for something different than the lace gown they’ve seen their friends get married in over the past ten years. Yes, lace will never truly go anywhere, but the simplistic modern look of a silk satin gown will be going full force in 2018. This gives brides a “blank canvas” to really shine their own personality and beauty through.

Going hand in hand with clean lines, big bows will be the way brides add drama to their gown in 2018. The sparkle sash is on decline with this modern add-on taking its place. Whether its a traditional shaped bow or more of an asymmetrical statement, this look will be turning heads in 2018.

Unique colors have been on the rise in bridal trends for several seasons and will continue going strong. Brides no longer feel the need to wear the classic white or ivory, but instead something that further shows off their personality and compliments their skin tone. Pastel tones including blush, lilac, and even dusty blues will be trending this year.

Brides are opting to change their look halfway through the day to help transition from the formality of the ceremony and family photos to dancing the night away at the reception. This can be done so many ways and brides are choosing to do so by adding a more conservative lace bolero for ceremony or taking off a ballgown overskirt to reveal a fitted dress for dancing. By changing up a couple accessories, brides are able to show their guests two completely different looks and for much less than purchasing two gowns.

As a clean lines, bow loving designer, I am thrilled to be seeing a shift in bridal style in 2018. You will be sure to see some of these trends in my 2018 collection along with a few other surprises. Any trends you are hoping will emerge this year? Any current trends you want to just go away? Share your thoughts below!

x Abby